The Cheaper Methods of Marketing Are Often the Better Ones – Branded Pens and Social Media

When it comes to running a successful business, ensuring our customers or potential customers know about what we sell and the type of product or service we provide is one of the most important things to do – if not the most important! In order to achieve this many companies, especially large companies try to overcomplicate their marketing strategies and go for the most expensive or bold type of promotion possible. But this is not always essential and can sometimes be accompanied by or replaced by cheaper alternatives. One of the best cheaper alternatives to use is branded pens.

Using branded pens is an effective method of marketing your business. The price you pay for these types of pens can vary but it is almost certainly much cheaper than traditional methods of advertising. Just like most things, if you pay a slightly higher price you will get a better quality pen and this can look good for your business. If a customer receives a pen from you and it is a bit flimsy, dull and runs out quickly then these attributes are more likely to come across about your business too. However if it is more appealing to the customers, writes well and holds a good amount of ink then the customers are more likely to actually use it.

Sales promotion is a good incentive for customers to find out more about your business or purchase your products and services. Branded pens can be used as a form of sales promotion because they can be gifted or rewarded to customers when they have done something to suggest they are interested in your business or even if you are trying to attract new customers. Providing a web address on the pen creates an incentive for further research of your business and therefore could result in a customer purchasing the product or service you provide.

There are other types of cheap marketing with social media marketing becoming more and more popular. This method is often free and customer relationships can easily be made and built up by interacting with customers and providing content that is interesting to them and therefore more likely to be shared on social media networks. By having a good website and being active on online media you are able to reach the people who are actually interested in your business and are your direct consumers. It is easy for people to follow you or like what you’ve posted and it should be an essential part of any business marketing strategy, especially with the ever advancing technology and customer usage of the internet.

This article has explained how branded pens and social media can both be used as methods of marketing which as both cheap but also, if used correctly, can generate you more sales and business because you can effectively reach your desired target market. So next time you launch a big marketing campaign try using social media instead, or maybe branded pens is right for you, and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the success you get.